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Brent made the process easy and enjoyable. I would and have referred him to many people! Thanks Brent!

Dean Padgett

One of the best in the business! Brent is super knowledgeable and helpful!

Shaman Harris

Great Job at a Great Price!
Brent and his crew do a great job at a great price! Excellent craftsmanship and integrity!

Julie McMillin

Our recent experience with Brent & his crew would be hard to top…
I just have to say to anyone out there who’s looking for a contractor, VT Contracting built 3 patio homes for us recently & did a wonderful job! Brent Vest & his guys were great to work with, skilled & very professional–really craftsmen who take pride in their work. Brent is a good communicator & wanted us to get what we wanted. He & his crew worked with us through special requests or last minute changes & finished on time. We’ve done a lot of building through the years & our recent experience with Brent & his crew would be hard to top. Just saying…

Kelly & Judy Vigo

The quality and pride put into VT Contracting homes really show…
My husband was transferred to the Lake Charles area for work, we began our house search not knowing much about local builders. Our VT Contracting home was our third house to see on a very long list…the search was over!! We walked in and thought WOW this is our new home. The quality and pride put into VT Contracting homes really show in every corner of our house. We love our house so much that we are going to rebuild it if we are ever transferred again! Not only was our house amazing but Brent was as well! He was very easy to work with and eager to please us as new potential clients. We have kept in contact with Brent and would not think twice about using him as our builder!

Brian & Sarah Carriere

VT Contracting does not cut corners, hide things, or use cheap inferior materials…
I will start out by saying that I am a very satisfied and happy customer of VT Contracting. My wife and I have relocated 7 times in the last 20 years for my employer. We have owned homes in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Needless to say, I have considerable experience in buying and selling homes. We have bought two existing homes and five new construction homes. Bottom line, this wasn’t our first exposure to the housing market, both selling and buying.

Interaction with VT Contracting and Mr. Brent Vest (very important to me) was exceptional. It has been a real pleasure working with Mr. Vest (Brent) through the entire process, start to finish. Not a negative note at all. In fact, with my past experiences, VT Contracting is at the top of the list of home builders for numerous reasons.

Brent is an extremely impressive individual with business smarts and experience. He came highly recommended from folks around town. I don’t know the family but understand his father was in the home building business for years as Brent grew up. He eventually took over the business. So, don’t be afraid to ask Brent questions. He will always return your call or text. Brent knows his stuff and is just a good honest person; he will always explain and ensure you are getting the right information and data.

We worked with a realtor for a couple of months looking for a new home in this area. After viewing several new homes, it was obvious that the quality and craftsmanship of this home exceeded all of the others. Once we saw the house, we knew it was what we wanted and stopped looking. The house was still under construction (I think near 80% complete) so we did get to see it finalized.

VT Contracting does not cut corners, hide things, or use cheap inferior materials. This home met all of the current standards and passed all of the inspections. This home is a quality well-built home with the latest top grade materials and construction practices. The price was comparable with other homes but we saw a real difference in what we were getting for our dollar.

Post-purchase, Brent helped me accomplish some additional tasks; i.e. backyard fence, rain gutters, yard sod, landscaping, etc. He is a very busy guy and I definitely appreciate his help as I travel often and could not devote the necessary time getting these items done right. He organized and managed each project, did the ongoing inspections, and followed up to ensure I was completely satisfied. Believe me, some home builders would not have helped out and somehow disappear forever.

We’ve been living in the home for two months without any issues or concerns. Things were done right the first time and so return repairs have not been necessary. I can’t say this about some other new homes I’ve bought.
So, no doubt you will have a positive experience with VT Contracting and enjoy your new home for many years to come.



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